Campus Ministries

Spiritual Life

San Gabriel Academy provides many opportunities for spiritual growth. Bible classes are a part of each day and embedded in the classroom curriculum. In addition, classroom devotions and worship sessions happen daily. Enhancing these are weekly chapel sessions and Weeks of Prayer in the Fall and Spring that provide opportunities for group fellowship and provide leadership opportunities so students can learn to guide meaningful group devotional experiences.

We pray that each student will permit each class to help build personal faith in God and His plan for their life as they:

  • Remember with reverence and appreciation the price Christ has paid for eternal life

  • Treat God’s name, His Holy Word, the Bible, all sacred music and prayers to Him with reverence and respect

  • Become familiar with Scriptures, allowing them to have a positive influence on daily actions and decisions

  • Ask God to make the message of the Bible clear, simple, and meaningful

  • Keep an open mind to the guidance of the Holy Spirit